White male looking for regular massage exchange

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Erotic masseurs specialise not only in the field of flirtation, like their escort counterparts, but also in the art of massage. Many work in the nude, or in underwear, and allow varying degrees of touch from the client, bringing an erotic element to their practice. As opposed to a traditional massage, which involves laying dead still for the duration, erotic body work often involves an interplay between client and masseur, usually culminating in sexual release.

Whereas a traditional massage focuses on physical relief, erotic massage can offer additional psychological release, fulfilling the oft-neglected need for touch and intimacy. Folks like New York resident Sam, 30, pride themselves on being able to provide a professional grade, Swedish-style massage with an additional element of sensuality. With fingers dancing along the spine, thigh, back and neck, and palms penetrating deep into the muscle tissue, this body work is guided by both physiology and psychology to provide relaxing experience and a damn good time.

Like many of the men I spoke with, Sam first learned he was good at massage by giving his mother neck rubs when he was younger, which helped him discover that he had a knack for reading the body. As he grew older and moved to NYC, he, like so many gay men before him in this town, needed to make some extra cash; the path of least resistance was erotic massage.

Vacillating between massage, teaching yoga, and other forms of body work, Sam developed a vast repertoire of techniques and clients, and has been working in the field ever since. Masseurs source clients through word of mouth, but also rely on websites to advertise their services. Prospective clients can use one of three major websites to browse profiles, look at photos, read reviews, and check rates. Once they find someone they like, the next step is usually a phone call or text exchange, wherein the masseur has a chance to get a read on the prospective client and decide whether or not to meet in person.

There are, of course, anxieties around this process, as its legality is questionable at best, so both clients and masseurs tend to exercise caution when exchanging information or discussing specifics. The bills have also led to a general sanitisation of the internet, and are arguably responsible for the increased censorship of NSFW content on sites like Tumblr and Instagram.

Many who work in and alongside the industry are feeling the direct effects of these bills. How are erotic masseurs weathering the increased censorship and regulation? In a saturated marketplace, how do these young men stand out from the crowd? As human beings with their own emotions, needs, and desires, where does this line of work fit into their daily lives?

We talk to three to find out. How do you stand out and get those clients when all the girls are clamouring for the coin? When one of the big sites got shut down, a lot of changes started being made to other sites and [masseur website] got crazy militant about everything. My website has an online booking system so it has all of my up-to-date availability and then when they book they have to put a credit card and it takes a deposit. Then once they send that deposit, it sends them a confirmation with my address on it. I had one client who told me that he was a piggy, and I just thought that meant he was kinky, into leather.

It was so fucking weird. We spoke during our shoot about some of the headaches around pricing and infrastructure. Can you talk a little more about that? Yeah, so there used to be a really big website that got shut down and on that site basically guys could put how much their services cost per hour. Right, that was geared towards escorting. If you were new to sex work or to a particular city, you could just take a scroll through and see what everybody was charging and base your rates on that. Ever since they got shut down, other sites have prevailed, I guess.

We should have it out in the open, and we should all be getting our coin. Read next: Getting to the bottom: gay men loving lingerie Men: do you know your babydolls from your basques? Your bustiers from your bras? Because you could be wearing lingerie soon. I started massage when I was 12 years old. I followed my mother everywhere, and she had a massage therapist. I watched the massage therapist and how she worked on her.

Then I went to school for massage in my country. When I moved to the United States nine years ago, I was doing a little bit of massage, but not much. Then, in , I lost my ing job. I really see this as a career, and yeah, I definitely will be doing it for a long time. Yeah, both. Especially in Houston where I live, I get many repeat customers.

If you have a bad vibe, the client totally absorbs that. So I always try to bring a really good energy to the table. My massage is the perfect combination of a legit massage and a naughty massage. I always advise my customers, this is not just a rub down.

So the thing is that my clients, 80 per cent are straight. Males with girlfriends, wives… so they are very nervous at first. But then, they kind of ease up. What happens with this is that straight males are very deprived of touch by another male. Gay guys? Yeah, of course. But these straight guys, they just need the touch. Often I introduce what is kind of called the prostatic massage.

They love it. So, I must tell you that I have a foot fetish. One guy, he was very attractive, and he had beautiful feet. So I start sucking his feet. I note that he was like… He was panting. So I finish sucking, and I flip him over. Normally, when I know they are close to coming, I flip them over and then I start the happy part. But he pays me and leaves. Then three months later, he texts me. You remember me? Because you know what? You made me come when you sucked my feet.

But he came when I sucked his feet. The majority of us are lacking contact intimacy. But they seek you out instead of going to a storefront massage parlour down the block. Why do you think that is? Are we establishing that what I do is erotic massage therapy?

If so, then a lot of it has to do with the way that I look. You know, a lot of people want to be touched by someone who they find attractive, or be touched by someone who shares in some of their same life experiences, or someone that they feel will be attracted to them, you know? Did that affect your mental state in relation to this whole thing? Did it change anything? No, no. If you feel a calling or a responsibility or something, if you feel drawn to putting your hands on people and you enjoy providing relief to people, then start with touching the people in your life and being comfortable with physical contact with people that you feel close to, before you go and make it your job.

What about best practices? Safety and all that stuff? Do you have a favourite kinky or extra fun story, a client anecdote? That site was not geared towards massage? How did you get into massage? Do you mostly work when travelling or at home? What sort of clients tend to hire you? Can you tell me about a session that sticks out to you? Has this ever felt dangerous for you? No, not for me, luckily enough. But it did for a lot of people that I do know.

Any words of advice for someone thinking about getting into erotic massage? The Face Newsletter A rundown of things to read, watch and listen to each week.

White male looking for regular massage exchange

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White male looking for regular massage exchange