Who wants to ride sunday im going west jump on

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He rode well, and did it often, and he pulled off some big wins along the way. He finished the regular season 12th in the world standings and the bareback riding Rookie of the Year. Just like he did when he won the first round in west Texas, Franks found his way to the pay window. Only the top 15 contestants in each event at the end of the regular season advance to the NFR, which is a pressure-packed situation no matter how many times a cowboy has been in Las Vegas.

It was like a big boom. It was just incredible. It was also incredible that he was matched with a horse that fit his style pretty well in Midnight Kid. He may be new to the City of Lights, but he looks pretty comfortable already. By the time he nodded his head, Franks was ready. They will return next Thursday for the eighth round, and they definitely earned their moniker by being true eliminators. Franks had ridden Deep Springs for 82 points in Pendleton, Oregon, this past September, and that allowed him a bit more confidence when it came to trying to spur the strong animal.

The bareback riders get a bit of a break heading into the next two nights. Everyone here makes you bring your best, too. No comments on this item Please log in to comment by clicking here. December 7, Log in Subscribe. Toggle Main menu. Franks finds comfort zone at NFR. Posted Tuesday, December 7, am. Other items that may interest you. Powered by Creative Circle Media Solutions.

Who wants to ride sunday im going west jump on

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