Why are guys so confusing

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Discover how to understand men and their mixed als which can be confusing. Texting, canceling, cooking you dinner, what does it all mean? I need some help to understand men. Two months ago I was in another town on business. When I got to my hotel that night a guy I went to High School with had messaged me on Facebook saying he thought he had seen me in his town and had I been there? I told him I had. We exchanged a few short messages, then he asked me to dinner. I told him I was leaving town the next day. Three weeks later I let him know I would be in town the next day.

But when I pulled into town the next day he texted me and asked me to lunch. We met for an hour. We left the lunch with no future plan. I was a bit confused as to whether it was a date or not. A few hours later I texted him to say it was great seeing him. He invited me to his house for dinner. The night before he called to cancel because he had to work. But he said we needed to get together the next time I was in town. I want him to like me.

When a man cooks you dinner, in his mind, sex with you is for dessert. This happened to me more than once when I was dating. And I continue to see it with many of my clients. In a relationship where a man is genuinely interested, you would not have to do this. Since he is not doing that, he is NOT pursuing you. In fact, you are doing his job for him by texting and initialing dates. Cancelling plans does happen on occasion. But, he could be seeing other women which causes him to cancel. His excuses about work could be true, but I doubt it.

Preferring to make dinner at his place does more to ensure he can make a move on you then anything else. Texting and Facebook are supplementary methods of communication, not the primary choice of a man with genuine interest. So while it seems like he is sending mixed als now you have a good idea of how to understand men. You want a relationship that hopefully builds to lasting love. The way to understand men and what is really going on is actually more simple than you might think.

They imagine how having a direct, open and honest conversation will automatically clear things up. Unfortunately, this is not true. For these reasons, my dating advice is to stop texting and letting him know when you will be around. If this high school buddy seriously wants to see you, he knows what to do. Pulling away is often the only way to know how important you are to a man during the early stages of dating. If you want more expert dating advice on understanding mixed als, download my free book His Mixed als Are So Confusing.

My family sponsors him. He had a girlfriend but even when he was dating I felt like he was flirting with me. He broke up with her once and then they got back together. Then he sends a message saying he wishes he could give me more attention. They broke up two months ago and the other day I asked his opinion about a dress. He called me flawless. Hi Tiffany, the problem here is that you think his flirting means something.

Some guys just like to flirt. Not just flirting, texting or talking. There are plenty of other guys so let this one go. We planned to meet up again at the gym. Hi Dee, I agree with you — overthinking will drive a woman crazy! Who knows. So mistake 1 is you texted him when he left. No one will ever know why men flake or why women do either.

But what you can control is how you respond to situations. Let them come to you. The first two months of the relationship he seemed to be head over heels for me. But now he usually texts back in an hour and never wants to have deep conversations with me. He gets defensive when I try to bring things up in a mature manner and it spirals out of control.

I usually wake up with post-crying bags Is he just being a guy or am I expecting too much? The only ting you are guilty of here is expecting him to be like he was. You want a man who will be supportive, talk about things and add to your life. Hanging on to a man who will not talk about things or try to improve is a recipe for stress, heartbreak and low self-esteem.

Knowing this after two months it will only get worse. So tell him you are done and move on. Take time to heal and then go find a new guy to date. You know you have found the right guy when he is consistent over time and adds to your life. Hello, Miss Ronnie. I may have a question that you cannot answer. If so, I am sorry. But I am a trans girl who lives in small town Missouri. People around here are not really known for being the most open minded. It has been a hard fight. But I have managed to do it for the most part.

Well I have never been in a relationship. I am twenty-five now and I am starting to feel the weight of loneliness crush me. I have started to hang out with a few men who I am starting to really like. And having never been in any relationship I find it hard to hide the fact I am crushing on them.

Well they will do things like invite me out to eat. Or ask if I want to go for a walk with them. And just things like that. And it is starting to hurt. A lot. I end up crying when I get home every time. Because when they ask, I feel like it is a date. But then it ends up just feeling like 2 friends hanging out after. Or go on a walk at night? Or go up to the city to walk around.

Why are guys so confusing

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